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also batman of the yogscast fandom.

i do stuff for these guys.


Master post of everyone who held the Suicide Sign at RTX 2014 in the order of the pictures being taken.

Thank you to all of these guys for helping me out. It means so much.

Do. Not. Repost. These are my pictures and I would really appreciate it if you did not repost as your own.

I was in JB HiFi and found this. I’d say it’s a pretty accurate summary.

every draw my life ever

  1. youtuber: i was born
  2. youtuber: i went through troubles
  3. youtuber: then i was like youtube
  4. youtuber: an i wouldnt be here 2day without u guys
  5. youtuber: xoxo subscribe
Q: fun fact my best friend in the entire world moved 2000 kilometres away to melbourne and she saw your show and gave you a bracelet i made (it said bae. i called it a baecelet) and even though i was very far away and unable to see u i feel like we are united through stories about your performance (amazing, or so i hear) and crappy baecelets. also u took pictures of my friend lilys face. (she has an a+ face :--)


well in a nice turn of events i am WEARING IT AS WE SPEAK thanks bae!!


And this makes me sad…


The Sailor Scout, Fantasy RPG set!

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 02. Mizuno Ami - Sailor Mercury


For busy-matches Pacific Rim AU.